You need to know a bit about me...

I love making art out of paper.  I love cutting it and sticking it.  I do like drawing and painting on it too but mostly I love the cutting.

This is what Artful Art workshops will focus on but I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learnt on my creative journey. 

At primary school, I loved illustrating the stories I’d write.

At secondary school, my art was mostly lettering on posters and some three dimensional experiments.

At university, my degree in Theatre Design included lots of designing, model building, costume making, carpentry, set painting and props making.

At work, I’ve been a window dresser, a scenic artist, a mural artist and a set designer.

I have, since then, created my own actual family and discovered the art of papercutting.  I work from home as a papercutting artist and help at my children’s school when I can – I especially love getting involved in art and English.  During my working life I’ve also been lucky enough to share my skills in other ways.  I spent a couple of months in New York state, US, as a set designer at a summer camp for budding young actors and theatre makers.  Getting the kids set painting was great fun.  I also spent a few years working as a Technology and Art Technician at a secondary school, and while I didn’t teach classes, it was brilliant to engage with the students and help them with their resistant materials and art projects.

Unfortunately, art and technology don’t seem to be getting the attention they deserve in school curriculums any more.  I feel strongly about this and hope I can help kids, and adults too, make art.