In a leafy village in Kent in the UK, I make art from paper by cutting designs from a single sheet or by collage.

I love making art out of paper.  I love cutting it and sticking it.  I do like drawing and painting on it too but mostly I love the cutting.

Bold lines and shapes are seen in all my pieces which regularly include typography too.  I’m inspired by colour, and by silhouettes which must be as simple and descriptive as possible.

At primary school, I loved illustrating the stories I’d write. 

At secondary school, my art was mostly lettering on posters

and some three dimensional experiments. 

At university, my degree in Theatre Design included lots of designing, model building,

costume making, carpentry, set painting and props making.

At work, I’ve been a window dresser, a scenic artist, a mural artist and a set designer.

I have, since then, created my own actual family and discovered the art of papercutting.  I began working under the name Paper Scissors Rock in 2013 creating bespoke personalised papercut commissions.

I exhibited, and

curated, my first

exhibition with

photographer Sass Harding in New

Ash Green, Kent in July 2017 entitled

The Shape of New Ash Green.

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Clients include: