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The Artful Art Attitude

I run Artful Art workshops for both children and adults (learn more about me here).

While writing this bit about what it’s all about, I thought I needed one aimed at parents to know what’s what for their amazing small humans and one for the grown-ups to see what’s in it for them.

However, it turns out that all this stuff about creating and fine motor skills and imagination is just as important for EVERYONE, so here goes:


An Artful Art workshop is a place for you or your child to get creative and explore new skills in a no pressure environment. 

Mistakes can be happily made - and are actually very important.

Imagination is nurtured and ideas are heard. 

There will be inspiration from other artists, and the sharing and kind appreciating of everyone’s work is encouraged.


There will also be:

drawing and experimenting in a sketchbook to take home

no realisation that fine motor skills are in fact being worked on like ninjas

and maybe even some learning.

BUT, most importantly, ART WILL BE MADE.

To see what's on offer, click here.

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