"My heart bursts when I see your work!!!  EVERY TIME."  L. Cooper, Nov 17

"Love your stuff!"  J. Sutton, May 14

"Talented woman, wonderful work and excellent personal customer service!"  I. Meekcomes, Aug 17

"Sam is exceptionally talented and has completed the most amazing mural in my daughter's bedroom.  We could not be happier, thank you so much!"  S. Turner, May 17

"I was given a gorgeous piece of paper art a friend bought for me from Paper Scissors Rock and I absolutely love it - so intricate and beautiful! Highly recommend her work!" J. Critchlow, Nov 16

"I am absolutely over the moon with it...you have captured even the most intricate detailing...This is the perfect gift to give as I know he will treasure it." E. Russinger, Jun 16

"I love the colour mix and the detail..is amazing!  It's such a joy to see the end result."  J. Carter, Jun 16

"Well done on your exhibition it was incredible!" K. Rowe, Aug 17

"I love it. Knew I would. You have even given her eyelashes. The detail is exceptionally good and you're professional as ever."  C. Walby, Dec 16

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