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I finally got around to this!

I have spent the last year or so faffing around with making cards and doing craft fairs and not really getting anywhere (my heart wasn't in it) but I really want to move towards building a portfolio for getting an agent and illustration work and also maybe get some pieces in some galleries. I'll still carry on with commissions. I love doing those but I can't make enough money from just that and they may not fill my time when both small people are at school in a couple of years.

I am also thinking of doing some 'how to' type posts on here and maybe some fake-intellectual type things where I'll do some proper research into related topics and bore you to death!! I fancy doing one called The Descriptive Silhouette.

Anyway, it's a big, scary undertaking but I'm starting the blog in the hope that you'll come along for the ride. Or not... it's up to you but I'd love your input, ideas, support, whatever...

If you think this might be your bag then please sign up, tune in and share out.

PS I also like telling everyone what music I've been listening to while working!

PPS Here's a recent commission I did for the Physio department at Darent Valley Hospital in Kent. It's cut from one sheet of paper, is A3 size and framed for their waiting area.

#photo #papercutting #illustration #commission #paper #papercut #physiotherapy #portfolio #welcome

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