Another Guyman & Starfunkel instalment

I'm going to try and post a new comic every couple of weeks so here's my second ever one.

This one's a single frame so don't think there's anything missing - that's it! It is also a bit topical. If you have a primary school child sitting SATs at the moment you'll definitely understand. My son, in Year 2, explained time connectives to me one day. I, who managed to get an A-Level in English, had never heard of them. Although I think it's great that littles can absorb a great deal of info and have a much better understanding earlier on - it's a bit much for a 7 year old who should really just be spending the majority of his time playing. Anyway, welcome to my world but I hope EVERYONE likes it - not just the aforementioned.

Feel free to share it with your parent/teacher pals if you think it might bring a smile...

#comicstrip #starfunkel #comic #papercut #silhouette #paper #papercutting #guyman #illustration #time #timemachine

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