Guyman & Starfunkel: a third instalment

I'm on a roll.

I'm managing to post one comic every two weeks. Which is as much as I can ask of myself at the moment. It's cool though - they're getting out there at least, and I'm enjoying myself.

This one is entitled My Island. I was a little bit inspired by a song, and, like the song, there might be a metaphor in there somewhere. Not the same metaphor though...that's where the inspiration ended and my brain took over...not to mention, it had to be set in the Guyman & Starfunkel fact, mine's not even a metaphor really... the comic is kind of about what the song describes but the song's a metaphor for something else...I don't even know what as there's too many possiblities...

(I am not very subtle with metaphors methinks).

Anyway, here 'tis...

Guyman and Starfunkel No.3 by Sam Hickman May 2016

#comicstrip #comic #paper #papercutting #guyman #starfunkel #inspiredby #jacklewis #myisland

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