Guyman & Starfunkel: a third instalment

I'm on a roll.

I'm managing to post one comic every two weeks. Which is as much as I can ask of myself at the moment. It's cool though - they're getting out there at least, and I'm enjoying myself.

This one is entitled My Island. I was a little bit inspired by a song, and, like the song, there might be a metaphor in there somewhere. Not the same metaphor though...that's where the inspiration ended and my brain took over...not to mention, it had to be set in the Guyman & Starfunkel fact, mine's not even a metaphor really... the comic is kind of about what the song describes but the song's a metaphor for something else...I don't even know what as there's too many possiblities...

(I am not very subtle with metaphors methinks).

Anyway, here 'tis...

#comicstrip #comic #paper #papercutting #guyman #starfunkel #inspiredby #jacklewis #myisland

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