Guest post for The Paperdashery

About a year ago I was asked by The Paperdashery to write a guest blog about the basics of papercutting. Not being one to put anything off I began immediately last week. They liked it and published it yesterday.

It's not a definitive guide to papercutting but does show how I do things...if you're interested.

If you are, or you know someone who might be then here it is:

It also tells of a free printable cutting practice sheet.

Email me at if you'd like one.

If you're already happy with the ways of the scalpel then maybe you'd like a template to cut. Find one for sale here.

Thanks x

#guestblog #papercutting #beginners #guide #howto #equipment #materials #paper #photo #paperdashery #stationery #cutting #happymail

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