Preview Night

I've had this idea in my head for a while so, although it's not topical or anything, I decided to comicfy it. (Yes that is a word!!)

I've been to a couple of preview nights at exhibition openings and listening to critics does make me giggle - although I'm sure what they're saying is extremely viable. I am positively hopeless at art appreciation.

Anyway, here is Guyman and Starfunkel's take on it...

PS I probably should have outlined the speech bubbles as it's all white this time but hey nevermind.

PPS I gave myself the time frame of a new comic every 2 weeks - hmm you just never know when one will turn up do you!?

#comicstrip #art #critic #previewnight #gallery #papercutting #blackandwhite #paper #comic #silhouette #guyman #starfunkel

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