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The end at the beginning

...or the beginning at the end. Depnding on how you look at it.

Inktober has ended and it really was a learning curve for me. I set out to try lots of things and I certainly did.

It was nice to have a go at drawing landscapes and portraits from life but I'm definitely drawn to more abstract ideas. Saying that though, I doubted if I actually could do it anymore and now I know I can. They're vital basic skills to have if I want to see myself as an artist. I don't feel quite so reluctant to do so now. If I can see myself as an artist then it doesn't feel crazy to ask others to see me as the same. It's bonkers but I felt as if I was kidding myself.

I realised I can draw - anything I want if I put my mind to it. I'm not going to be an good inker - unless I put in a lot of practice - but I am already an alright papercutter and designer. Another great (Jake Parker) quote applies here too - 'Finished not perfect'. Nothing is ever perfect but it can be finished and I did manage this most of the time.

I think that I'm almost creating the sort of work I should be.

I also learnt a lot just from copying the couple of artists I did and it was good to have to look at their work in a more analytical way. It was also good to have constraints - must complete 31 drawings and only use a brush pen. It was also good to be flexible - I completed 26 and 2 were using a black biro! Here they are...

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