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I've been looking to do an illustration course for a while but I specifically wanted to find one online which would teach me how to use and market the skills I've already got. I have dreams, you see, of becoming an actual paid illustrator with an agent and everything. I don't know how to get there.

I found the Make Art That Sells website a couple of years ago but I was worried that it was aimed at a US audience. Since then I've seen a few of their videos and content from international illustrators and I thought I'd give it a go.

I've chosen a package which includes a variety of things. I'll be learning about how to design for different items and areas such as fabric, books, wall art, gifts, stationery - the whole shebang. Plus next year there will be a new course - Drawing Faces. This really sold it for me.

I'm very happy designing things with text in and even creating scenes and landscapes but I very rarely include people. If I do they are strictly in silhouette form. Which is fine, but I'd like to not be scared of drawing and creating faces.

The self portrait I had to do at A-Level was a view of my back and I never even finished it! If I want to be a proper illustrator I will need to do faces. SO bring it on!!

The wide-eyed expression to the right is a

recent attempt at creating a papercut face!

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