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Hi there!

I've just finished the first assignment in my illustration course. January's project was a children's book cover project entitled 'What's in her bag?'

Everyone was given a famous woman depending on their month of birth...I lucked out completely as I got three...The Powerpuff Girls. Not only are they great to fit into a genre for children but I watched them on tv the first time around and I love a bit of pop culture. Plus they're great for papercutting - bold bright and graphic - just what I love.

So here's a couple of work in progress pics...

I do have a particularly favourite bit too. I couldn't resist a Powerpuff/Harry Potter mash-up with a Mojo Jojo wanted poster...

Mojo Jojo wanted poster. Powerpuff Girls Harry Potter mash-up

You can see my final piece in the Make Art That Sells gallery here. Find me on page 1.

Thank you for reading xx

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