Is the Paper Art workshop right for your child?

I've got some information for you about the Artful Art Paper Art workshop which will hopefully help you to decide if it's right for your child.

Its aimed at children aged between 5 and 8 years old but I'm pretty flexible about this.

As a parent, we see how our children cope with tasks such as using scissors and drawing. Ok, so we might not study these actions but we do see them. If you are the parent of a child whose fine motor skills have come up in conversation with teachers then you probably do study these actions. Either way, all children can benefit from skills that will help motor skills and all have different abilities and are at different levels. This workshop is for all of them - whether they can comfortably use scissors, are left handed, or have trouble with their grip.

I'll use my own children as an example here: My youngest is 5 years old, she draws all the time and can wield a pair of scissors like a boss. My eldest is 9 and has always struggled a bit with fine motor skills, he's great at drawing and writing but has absolutely no stamina and so most of the time avoids them. This workshop is perfect for both of them.

The places are limited to 8 children so I'll quickly get a good idea of how everyone is comfortable working. I'll give you a rough idea of what happens in the workshop but do be aware that although a final piece of art to take home would be fantastic, it's more about the journey - loving being creative, exploring new skills and enjoying the mistakes .

(Read more about the Artful Art Attitude here).

The session is an hour and a half long and begins with some quick games or exercises. The Doodle Game is great for this - simply scribble on a piece of paper then turn it into something unexpected. I'll then inspire the children with some artwork by other artists which are examples of positive and negative space in art to give them some understanding of what they'll be doing.

Then there'll be a bit of a guessing game - they'll using templates for designs which are symmetrical - we'll have a look at those before we use them for some cutting and sticking.

They'll also get a chance to design their own shapes. Each child will be given their own sketchbook for this. They can explore shapes and outlines and take their designs as far as they can. They'll make their own templates and create some finshed pieces.

There'll be time at the end to display all the work and talk about it - it's encouraging and inspiring to look at and talk about your own and your peers artwork, not to mention being able to be brave and kind in a no-pressure environment.

If you'd like more information or to book a place please click here.

All the love


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