Five reasons why learning papercutting isn’t just about the Art of Papercutting

The Art of Patience

I have little patience with many aspects of my life outside of art but surprised myself completely when I first tried papercutting. I can happily sit down with my craft knife and take time over following and cutting the lines I’ve drawn – almost like meditation – and not be stressed out by it at all. Try it – you’ll be surprised too.

The Art of Relaxing

To be able to just sit down and focus on a craft or art technique is to be able to shut everything else out. Making art is unbelievably absorbing and a great way to destress. Everyone can benefit from some ‘me’ time. If you have kids, you can grab a couple of hours for yourself while showing your children that making time for yourself and pursuing creativity is important.

The Art of Therapy

There’s been many a study looking into the benefits of making art on the brain. Exercising the creative side of the brain helps the whole brain. It helps with problem solving as your brain is opened up to new ideas and thought processes. The activity of making and creating is a great way to make a change from stressful life stuff. There are even programmes that have been developed to prescribe art and craft activities to help with mental health issues. Creating something with your hands or even just coming up with new ideas can spark excitement and make you fell marvellous.

The Art of Giving

Papercutting is a great way to create artwork for cards and for framing. You can cut ready made templates or design your own. It’s rather great when you can make handmade, original and bespoke gifts for the people you love. Not to mention the amazing feeling you get when you’ve made someone smile.

The Art of Happiness

Why should kids get all the fun? Children create freely and aren’t hung up on whether they can or can’t – they just do. Picasso said, ‘Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up’. You deserve the joy. Stop worrying that you aren’t creative or that you can’t draw – it’s not true. You can be a scientist or love maths AND be artistic. They’re not exclusive, look at Leonardo da Vinci. Come and give papercutting a try – make what challenges and excited you. Get out of your comfort zone in a friendly and inspiring environment.

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