To GTS or not to GTS

I've been undertaking some fabulous courses from Make Art That Sells to improve my chances of getting more illustration work. Every year they run a Global Talent Search (GTS) competition. I've never entered it before but, despite not finishing all my coursework, I thought I might enter. There's some superb illustrators that take part and I can't beat them but I can join them. So I did.

The brief was to design a gardener's journal including japanese anemones, staghorn ferns, some lettering, possibly a face and the colour 'greige'. Normally one to do as I'm told I did just that. In my paper cut style. I cut it out of a single sheet of black paper and then added some coloured infills - but not directly onto the reverse of the design as I wanted to make sure I got some good shadows when I scanned it in. I did lots of experimenting with layers and glass and finally got the effect I wanted. I then adjusted the colours on Paintshop Pro (turns out it does what photoshop does but without the big price tags!) to match the original artwork and to get that 'greige' colour.

I'm so pleased I entered. I hope you like it. Wish me luck!

#gts2018 #globaltalentsearch #makeartthatsells #illustration #design #gardenersjournal #garden #journal #papercut #papercutting #fromasinglesheetofpaper #competitionentry #japaneseanemone #staghornfern #greige #paintshoppro #typography #lettering #face

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